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My name is Bart Miller and I'm one of the millions of people who use to suffer from scoliosis. As I was trying out treatments that could help me with my scoliosis I started learning a lot about my condition. Learning everything I could about scoliosis should have been the first step. If I did that before I started trying out treatments I could have been cured of scoliosis sooner.

That's why I built this site. I want to share with you everything you need to know about scoliosis in order to make an informed decision about what treatment you should take. Feel free to browse through my site. YOu'll see that it's full of informative articles that can teach you a lot about scoliosis.

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  • The type of scoliosis that is so mild you don't need treatment
  • How powerful acupressure techniques can be and why they should be used with caution
  • How you can help your child deal with scoliosis
  • Ways you can improve the outcome of your scoliosis surgery
  • Signs and symptoms that will tell you whether you have scoliosis or not
  • Much, much more!

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